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Family Law is a practice area that deals with the legal issues involving family relationships. With our strong passion for preserving families, we carefully evaluate potential divorce cases and typically require several sessions of counseling before moving forward with an action for divorce.

We handle the following family matters:
  • Get your child back from the State
  • Get your grandchild/relative from foster care
  • Child Custody & Visitation
  • Child Support
  • Domestic Violence
  • Father’s rights whom are in prison 
  • Modification of Custody or Support
At the Butler Law Firm, we focus on providing our clients with the care and commitment they need from an attorney and grow an ongoing relationship with our clients. We will provide you with comprehensive legal guidance to protect your rights, while zealously advocating for you in court.  Click Here See a bill pending to make equal 50/50 parenting time the norm and not the exception. 

Representation of relatives takes knowledge by an Attorney experienced in this area. Butler Law Firm has that experience.  Click Here to download the PDF to see our appeals page and this recent opinion. Also Click Here to see this bill pending which orders that children be placed with relatives in 24 hours.


Court Calculator
Click Here for the calculator used by attorneys and judges  in SC to determine the amount of child support to be paid. 

Click Here for the South Carolina Department of Social Services Child Support Enforcement Division

Custody PDF
SC enacted a new law which requires the mother and father (or guardians) to fill out a Proposed Parenting Plan and give it to the Court when custody and/or visitation are an issue.  Click Here to to access all family court forms in SC.

Self-Help Family Law
Click Here
SC Judicial Department
Click Here

If you are thinking of filing your own divorce, here is a link to the 'Pro Se' divorce packet. You may also pick up this packet at the Clerk of Court/Child Support Payment Office. South Carolina Judges are required to ask both parties if there is anything the Court can do to help reconcile their marriage.  Click Here

Standard Visitation Guidelines used by some courts
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Mission Statement

Our Constitution guarantees justice for all. Attorneys are called upon to see that this right is enforced among the people. As an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of South Carolina I pledge to my clients: faithfulness, competence, and diligence.